Why Microsoft may have just saved itself, and why this time the threat is real.

CEO at Curve Group

from: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-microsoft-may-have-just-saved-itself-time-threat-real-baumhardt

Microsoft has just announced its largest field re-organisation in decades, with some huge shifts in how the conventional business has done that affects everything and nearly every one they employ in the field.

Lets start with a quick analysis of what was going on behind the scenes at Microsoft, from there we will look at the changes made, and analyse their impact.

Problem statement in an Average Microsoft Subsidiary:

Some subsidiaries were better resourced than others, and had fragmented approaches to solve some of the problems below, but on average the main districts (US language), Subsidiaries, and Areas (grouping of subsidiaries or very large single subsidiary areas like the UK, Germany, and Japan) suffered from the below main three issues. Particularly in multi-country subsidiaries where resources were super spread thin, and fly in by nature. Lets look at the issues:

Problem 1 – Irrelevance to Business Decision Buyers

Their relevance to a senior business decision maker was small and waning, they struggled to get out of IT, and the future of tech is increasingly decided in business decision maker rooms, their Enterprise agreements were exponentially harder to renew each three year cycle – their previously sold in technology wasn’t deployed fully, and their marketing didn’t speak to a business persons’ core issues. Narrower focused vendors were winning deals away from Microsoft by providing turn key solutions that blended sales, implementation and support, with best of breed last mile solutions, and decision makers want to buy a complete IT car, and not a box of tech parts for self assembly.

Continue at: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-microsoft-may-have-just-saved-itself-time-threat-real-baumhardt





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