CodeMaid Gets Some VB Loving and more…

It’s been over three years since we’ve last highlighted CodeMaid, Need help cleaning up your code? CodeMaid to the rescue!.

Since then it’s continued to grow and improve and in the latest version a community member stepped up and gave it some serious VB attention! You’ve GOT to love open source projects and our awesome community… 🙂

CodeMaid v10.4 (VB love edition) released! [Post copied in full]

CodeMaid v10.4 is now available on the Visual Studio Marketplace and GitHub.  This release focuses on some improvements to Visual Basic support courtesy of thehutman.


#444 – Cleaning: VB now supports many of the same cleanups as C# – thanks thehutman!
#449 – Undo a previous pull request for hiding Spade during full screen mode (inconsistent with other extensions) – thanks iouri-s!


#333 – Reorganizing: VB now moves attributes – thanks thehutman!
#440 – Cleaning: Exclude *.min.css and *.min.js files by default


A big thanks to those in the community who are pitching in to help make CodeMaid better for everyone.   You can join our community too on GitHub by reporting/investigating issues and submitting pull requests.  There’s great getting started info right here on the Contribute page. Code on



For more details, please visit:

Currently supports VS2012, VS2013, VS2015 and VS2017.

For Visual Studio 2010, the last supported version is v0.8.1.

For Visual Studio 2005/2008, the last supported version is v0.4.3.


Project home, Documentation, News:
Download, Reviews: Visual Studio Marketplace

Code, Issues: GitHub
Continuous Integration: AppVeyor

Twitter @codemaid: Twitter

And the coolest thing? Check out the Visual Studio Marketplace entry…



… yeah, it’s nearing 1 million installs. How cool is that?

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