Schedule for useR!2017 now available

The full schedule of talks for useR!2017, the global R user conference, has now been posted. The conference will feature 16 tutorials, 6 keynotes, 141 full talks, and 86 lightning talks starting on July 5 in Brussels. That’s a lot to fir into 4 days, but I’m especially looking forward to the keynote presentations:

20 years of CRAN (Uwe Ligges)
Parallel Computation in R: What We Want, and How We (Might) Get It (Norm Matloff)
Structural Equation Modeling: models, software and stories (Yves Roseel)
Teaching data science to new useRs (Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel)
Dose-response analysis: considering dose both as qualitative factor and quantitative covariate using R (Ludwig Hothorn)
R tools for the analysis of complex heterogeneous data (Isabella Gollini)

I’m also pleased to be attending with several of my Microsoft colleagues. You can find our talks below.

Can you keep a secret? (Andrie deVries and Gabor Csardi) [A new package secret allows you to encrypt secrets using public key encryption.] 
Recommendations for coworker collaborators using R and the Office Graph API (David Smith) [Graph theory, R and Power BI]
Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing in R (Angus Taylor) [Using the mxnet package to apply deep learning to text]

I hope you can attend too! Registration is still open if you’d like to join in. You can find the complete schedule linked below.
Sched: useR!2017

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