Because it’s Friday: Disappearing Dots

It’s been a while since we posted an optical illusion, and this one (via Max Galka) jis ust too good to pass up. Here are the instructions, from the source:

First, look at any yellow dot as the figure moves. The yellow dot remains present and stationary. If you concentrate on all three yellow dots, they remain there as well.
But now concentrate on the central green dot. You will see one or more of the yellow dots disappearing and then reappearing sporadically. They are not—this is an optical illusion. The dots remain and your brain simply doesn’t register their presence from time to time. Weird, eh?

It’s a bit of a puzzle why this one works. Why, for instance, is the rotating grid necessary? The mind works in mysterious ways.
That’s all for us for this week. We’ll be back on Monday, when we’ll be checking in from the EARL Conference in San Francisco. See you then, and have a great weekend!

from Revolutions


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