Python and R top 2017 KDnuggets rankings

The results of KDnuggets’ 18th annual poll of data science software usage are in, and for the first time in three years Python has edged out R as the most popular software. While R increased its share of usage from 45.7% in last year’s poll to 52.1% this year, Python’s usage among data scientists increased even more, from 36.6% of users in 2016 to 52.6% of users this year.

There were some interesting moves in the long tail, as well. Several tools entered the KDNuggets chart for the first time, including Keras (9.5% of users), PyCharm (9.0%) and Microsoft R Server (4.3%). And several returning tools saw big jumps in usage, including Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (3.4% of users), Tensorflow (20.2%) and Power BI (10.2%). Microsoft SQL Server increased its share to 11.6% (up from 10.8%), whereas SAS (7.1%) and Matlab (7.4%) saw declines. Julia, somewhat surprisingly, remained flat at 1.1%.
For the complete results and analysis of the 2017 KDnuggets data science software poll, follow the link below.
KDnuggets: New Leader, Trends, and Surprises in Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning Software Poll

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