Building Search Apps with Azure Search and AzSearch.js | Data Exposed

What? An Azure Search video that doesn’t have Liam Cavanaugh in it? Hey, that’s ok, because in the Studio today is someone equally as awesome, Evan Boyle, a Software Engineer on the Azure Search team. Evan is in the studio today to show off AzSearch.js, a JavaScript library that makes incorporating and building Azure Search into your applications much easier.

An all-demo show, Evan kicks things off explaining some of the challenges of building search capabilities into an application, including the time consuming process to navigate and search through data and build that capability into your application.

At the [03:20] mark Evan jumps into demo mode and spends the remaining 13 minutes showing off AzSearch.js which was created to alleviate these challenges by taking the common search patterns and building reusable controls that connect to your search service to automatically build a great search experience into your application. 

Evan shows how to add suggestions and faceting to your application simply by making a single function call. He also shows how to generate a starting application based off of your index definition. Great stuff!


from Channel 9


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