SplunkLive! London 2017 – Getting Started with Splunk IT Service Intelligence

You want more out of Splunk but don’t know how? Here’s your chance to learn more about Splunk IT Service Intelligence (Splunk ITSI) and get hands-on with it for the very first time.
We’ll kick off this session with a discussion on the concept of services, KPIs and entities and demonstrate how to use them in Splunk IT Service Intelligence. We’ll help you build custom visualisations and dashboards for personalised service-centric views. We’ll teach you how to navigate across multiple KPIs, entities and events with built-in visualisations and intelligently troubleshoot and resolve problems faster using Splunk ITSI. We’ll also show you how to create correlations across KPIs easily and be alerted of “notable events” to catch these emerging problems quickly. At the end of this session, you will leave with an understanding of the unique monitoring approach Splunk ITSI delivers to maximise the value of your data in Splunk and how to accelerate visibility into your critical IT services.

from Slideshows by User: Splunk https://www.slideshare.net/Splunk/splunklive-london-2017-getting-started-with-splunk-it-service-intelligence


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