SplunkLive! London 2017 – Build a Security Portfolio That Strengthens Your Security Posture

All data is security relevant – whether you are an IT or security professional, it is important to gain context into all your data to understand your environment, quickly hunt for and investigate potential threats in your environment, and take action to remediate. In this session, you will learn how to: – Leverage your data across silos with analytics-driven security – Operationalise all relevant data to gain greater visibility of your environment to make more informed decisions – Optimise incident response to more clearly understand an attack and the sequential relationship between events to quickly determine the appropriate next steps – Improve investigation and remediation times by automating decisions or by using human-assisted decisions with full context from adaptive response – Utilise Splunk User Behavior Analytics and verify privileged access and detect unusual activity by using UBA anomalies

from Slideshows by User: Splunk https://www.slideshare.net/Splunk/splunklive-london-2017-build-a-security-portfolio-that-strengthens-your-security-posture


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