Understanding the U-SQL Batch Job Execution Lifetime | Data Exposed

Saveen Reddy, Principal PM Manager in the Big Data team, is back in the Channel 9 studios for the week’s Data Exposed show to talk about U-SQL batch query execution. This is awesome, because Saveen spends 30 minutes walking us through the details of what happens when a U-SQL job is submitted. 

Saveen begins at the [01:00] mark by walking through an existing executed job in Visual Studio to provide a reference point into what he will talk about throughout the show. including the steps a job takes, the execution time, and the number of vertices the job used.

With that foundation, Saveen then jumps into a few slides at the [06:50] mark and spends the rest of the show providing a detailed look at the steps taken when a job is submitted. Saveen shows how plans are created, and provides insight into AU’s and what they are. From there, he takes into the world of vertices and vertex deployment, relationships between vertexes, how vertexes are allocated, job parallelism, and more!

Along the way Saveen provides insights and best practices into how best to optimize jobs and work with U-SQL and Azure Data Lake Analytics. 

A phenomenal show and worth watching!

from Channel 9 https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Data-Exposed/DataExposedUSQLPatchQuery


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