SplunkLive! Zurich 2017 – Happy Apps, Happy Users: Splunk Stream – Insights in Network Traffic and APM

No matter what business you’re in, your web applications are front-and-center for your customers. Downtime, or even bad performance, creates a spike in costs and also often translates into loss of customers and revenue. You need immediate insight into the availability, performance and usage of your applications and the infrastructure your applications run on. In this session, we will discuss a platform approach to full stack application management. A new way to get more insight in application or database performance and security is utlizing Splunk Stream, an app which extracts information from streaming network data.It provides insights into all web and database activity including response times, processing times and latencies. We will show and discuss Splunk Stream installation and configuration options and benefits.

from Slideshows by User: Splunk https://www.slideshare.net/Splunk/splunklive-zurich-2017-happy-apps-happy-users-splunk-stream-insights-in-network-traffic-and-apm


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