Risks to the enterprise from the one-trick pony

With the rise of as-a-service products, there’s been some buzz about the growing number of unsophisticated attackers. Whether an adversary is highly skilled and targeting an organization or taking advantage of a black market service to make a few bucks, any threat is a threat.

In fact, some one-trick pony adversaries may well be quite sophisticated. Simply because they rely on a singular tried-and-true method doesn’t mean their attack poses any less of a risk.

Mike Cotton, vice president research and development at Digital Defense, does a lot of penetration testing to find vulnerabilities. Cotton said, “A lot of times we serve in an audit functionality that mimics an attacker, and we see the same things over and over again.”

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from CSO Online Data Protection http://www.csoonline.com/article/3196215/security/risks-to-the-enterprise-from-the-one-trick-pony.html#tk.rss_dataprotection


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