Ransomware makes healthcare wannacry

Around 200,000 systems have been hit by the malware WannaCry, resulting in doctors being blocked from gaining access to patient files and forcing emergency rooms to send people away.

Despite Microsoft sending out a patch for the vulnerability a few months ago, those unpatched Windows XP and Server 2003 systems were the culprit of the mass ransomware worm spread around the world. It only took one click of a link in an email to send mass hysteria through many organizations.

“Healthcare organizations are particularly vulnerable to these attacks because awareness about email authentication is still quite low in the sector as a whole. In order to protect the nation’s healthcare infrastructure from future ransomware attacks, we encourage all security executives to ensure their organizations have proper email authentication at enforcement,” said ValiMail CEO Alexander Garcia-Tobar. “It only takes a click from one person to endanger an entire enterprise.”

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from CSO Online Data Protection http://www.csoonline.com/article/3196827/data-breach/ransomware-makes-healthcare-wannacry.html#tk.rss_dataprotection


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