Statistician ranked as best job in 2017 by CareerCast

According to job hunting site CareerCast, the best job to have in 2017 is: Statistician. This is according to their 2017 Jobs Rated report, based on an evaluation of Bureau of Labor Statistics metrics including environment, income, employment and income growth, and stress factors.
In their rankings, Statistician is the role that took the top spot with a “work environment” score of 4 out of 199 (lower is better) , a stress factors score of 39, and a projected growth score of 3. The median salary is reported at USD$80,110 and projected to grow at 34% (per annum, I assume).
Also in the top ten: Data Scientist, in fifth place. This role scored similarly in Work Environment (12 out of 199) and stress factors (37), but had slightly lower prospects for growth (37).  Here, the median salary is reported at $111,267 and projected to grow at 15.75%.
The top 10 list is as follows:

Medical Services Manager
Operations Research Analyst
Information Security Analyst
Data Scientist
University Professor
Software Engineer
Occupational Therapist
Speech Pathologist

You can see the full list of 200 jobs ranked by CareerCast at the link below.
CareerCast: Jobs Rated Report 2017: Ranking 200 Jobs (via Royal Statistical Society)

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