What Is New in U-SQL for March ’17 | Data Exposed

Once again the Data Exposed show welcomes back Michael Rys, Principal PM in the Big Data group, to give us an update of U-SQL.

At the [01:25] mark Michael lists the features in U-SQL that have been deprecated in the new release of U-SQL, and discusses why the features were deprecated and what that means for you if you are using those features.

At the [03:52] mark Michael then jumps in to the major performance improvements and bug fixes since the last time he was on the show, including read/write throttling limit performance improvements, Unicode whitespace recognition, improved data size for DISTRIBUTION buckets, and more!

At the [05:51] mark Michael then discusses the new features added to this new release, including support for PIVOT/UNPVIT, CROSS/OUTER APPLY, shared Catalogs, and much more! At the [06:25] mark Michael jumps into demo mode to show off some of these new features, starting with PIVOT and CROSS APPLY. Michael spends the next 10 minutes in full demo-mode showing off some of these great new features!

Another great show and great demos by Michael!

If you are using U-SQL you will want to watch this show as these syntax changes will take affect very soon.


from Channel 9 https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Data-Exposed/What-Is-New-in-U-SQL-with-Michael-Rys


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