The Maker Show: Episode 12 – Connecting Particle Photon to Cloud Services | The Maker Show

Using a Wi-Fi enabled micro-controller that is the size of a matchbook, we can attach sensors to gather information about the world around us.  We can then take that data and publish that up into cloud services for either online archival, real-time analytics, building predictive models, or using visualization software to create new insights into the date that we are gathering.  We are going to show you exactly how to do that using the Particle Photon and the Microsoft Azure Cloud.  We will do this using a project known as the Internet of Trees.  A project that uses solar power to capture readings from multiple soil sensors attached to a variety of fruit trees and publish them into Azure Storage for perusal in Power BI.

You may follow along with the slides and resources for this episode at:


Quick Links:

[01:48] Introduction

[02:59] Introduction to Particle

[04:57] Introduction to the Internet of Trees

[08:26] Azure App Service

[18:25] Connecting Particle To Azure Mobile App Service Easy Tables

[25:50] Replicating the Internet of Trees

[37:12] Visualizing Data From Azure Mobile App Service Easy Table in Power BI



The Maker Show: Episode 7 – The Photon Awakens –

Particle Photon Weather Station HOL –

Announcing Azure Apps Service –

Azure Mobile Apps Documentation –

AzureMobileApp Repo – https://

Sign up for PowerBI –

from Channel 9


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